Creating Links

Creating links to another page


<a href="page URL here">Text you want displayed here</a>- Creates a link to a different page
<a href="page URL here"><img src="IMG URL"></a>- Creates a link to another page using a picture
<a href="page URl here"><img src="IMG URL border="0"></a>- Creates a link to another page using a picture, but this time the picture has no border.
You can link to anything with any extension, such as pictures (.jpg/.gif/whatever), Acrobat Reader files, music, zip files, et cetera.

Linking Within One Page

Choose an area on the webpage you want to be able to link quickly to, then type <a name="***"></a>, replacing "***" with a name that describes the area of the web page.
Type <a href="#***">Text you want displayed here</a>, replacing the "***" with the name of the above specified area. Don't forget the #! You'll get something like this:
Linking within one page

Create an E-mail Link

E-mail link
E-mail link with subject
<a href="mailto:E-MAIL ADDRESS HERE?subject=SUBJECT HERE"> The inclusion of a subject is optional, so you don't have to include the bold part of this coding if you don't want to.

Open a Link in a New Window

Home, new window <a href="URL HERE" target="_blank"> To open a link in a new window, simply include the boldface part of this code.