Working with Images

Adding an Image

Alternative text <img src="IMAGE URL HERE" alt="ALTERNATIVE TEXT HERE">
The "alt" coding shows if the image doesn't show, or if you put your mouse over it. Try it with the example picture.

Add a Background Image

<body background="Image URL here">

Add an Image Border

<img src="IMG URL" border="***">
Replace "***" with a pixel width, like four or five. To remove a border, such as one created by making the picture a link, you can put border="0" to remove it.

Add space around an Image

<img src="IMG URL" hspace="***" vspace="***">
The hspace and vspace tags add space around the image both horizontally and vertically, respectively. Replace the "***" with the amount, in pixels, of space you want to be around the image.

Align text and images

Top-aligned text
Middle-aligned text
Bottom-aligned text
<img src="IMG URL" align="***">
Replace the "***" either top, middle, or bottom, depending on where you want the text to appear.

Wrapping Text around an Image

<img src="IMG URL" align="left"> This wraps the text around the image and keeps the image to the left.
<img src="IMG URL" align="right"> This wraps the text around the image and keeps the image to the right.
<img src="IMG URL" align="right"> <img src="IMG URL" align="left"> This puts the text in between both images.

To stop text wrap, type <br clear="***">
Replace "***" with the margin you want to be clear of images before the text begins again.

Changing Image Size

<img src="IMG URL" height="***" width="***">
You can replace the height and width with either the size in pixels or you can specify a percentage of the web browser window. Useful for thumbnails if you don't have enough space with your hosting or bad image editing software.