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AniMangaX didn't just create itself, and nor does it maintain itself, either (although sometimes I wish it could O.o;). We're looking for talented and dedicated people like you that can help AMX grow and become even better. Simply fill out this form to apply to be on our staff. We will respond to you by e-mail when your application is received (usually within 48 hours), and we'll let you know the results soon after. Please keep in mind that your services are not paid services, but they're done simply because you love what you do. Thanks a lot!
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Before you submit! Please make sure that your E-mail address is valid. We have recieved several applications that we have not been able to reply to because of an invalid E-mail address. If you are still having difficulties contacting us, please send a private message to L-chan in the forums. Thank you!

Position description

Graphics designer- Well, you' graphics. You would, for example, design avatars, or perhaps be assigned to complete a graphics request. This position requires a graphics editing program, such as Photoshop or GIMP. If you don't think your skills are up to snuff, don't worry! We can help you improve. Apply for this position if you think you can challenge yourself and have fun with making great graphics.

Anime Editor- Watch a lot of anime? Are you good at writing? Then you'd make a great Anime Editor. You'd be summarizing and reviewing the latest OVAs or movies, or perhaps writing an episode guide. It'd be preferred if you knew a little HTML, but if you don't, it's all right. HTML is easy to learn, and we can have you started in no time.

Manga Editor- Read lots of manga? This is the position for you! Your job is to get people interested in any manga by rating and reviewing your favorites. Like the anime editor, it's preferred if you knew a little HTML, but HTML is easy to learn, so don't sweat it if you don't know any.

Game Editor- Are you a video game junkie? In this position, you'd review your favorite games. Again, HTML knowledge is preferred, but if your brain can handle video games, HTML should be a cinch.

Web Designer- You'd be the type of person like me who has an odd fascination with building websites from the ground up. Now, keep in mind that a web designer also must somewhat double as a graphics designer if they are to build a website, but web and graphics designers make great teams, so if graphics isn't your strong suit, we can work around that. For this position, a proficient knowledge of HTML is required, and it would be preferred if you knew CSS and JavaScript.