About Us - History
About us

The birth of AMX is truely epic. AMX began as Anime Matrix, late in January 2003. It was supposed to be a branch of Gaming Matrix (GMX for short). And so we started out at an exceptional website as a message board. The flaw of the site was that it repeatatively had pop-up advertisements. And so, Andrew decided to find AMX a new host. He found DK3. DK3 seemed to be the home of the rising AMX. Our newer forums attracted even more members. The forums was then re-edit to Anime MatriX, having a capitilized "X". It would only seem suitable for the sake of the nickname being AMX. And so, the administrators went back to try and make an arrangement for AMX to be part of Gaming Matrix. After all, Andrew did get permission from the Co-CEO of GMX. However, they never complied.

After a period of time, GMX's forums went into rehab. They denied our affiliation due to inefficiency and started their own forum directed towards anime within their own message board. AMX was denied from their fathers. With the Anime MatriX forums suddenly being engulfed with annoying ads, the future of AMX seemed to be falling. And so, AnimeSaint decided to forget about Gaming Matrix and focus on a new bright future for AMX.

AnimeSaint worked his mind off, with the upmost brainstorming, and utilized his forgotten strengths in business management. He found partners. AnimeSaint had teamed up with Shinji of Anime Countdown in an agreement to merge forums. Shinji would be AnimeSaint's new and trustworthy business partner. NeoSky CAP, a web designer, was hired to design AMX's new PhpBB2 template, but...he only knew how to design a message board template within a specific language. AnimeSaint wanted PhpBB2 for its quality and reliability. Shinji had demanded the new message board to be done soon or he'll abide the agreement. AnimeSaint then realized his only chance to save the miserable AMX was about to be flushed down the toilet. So he started to make his own PhpBB2 template, by himself.

With faith and desire, AnimeSaint went into studying the PhpBB2 language and successfully created the new AMX message board. It was then named, the "Anime and Manga eXclusive Forums" (AMX Forums). Shinji was amused by the effort of AnimeSaint and he also noticed that the sleek look of the message board. So he accepted the offer and AMX moved into Anime Countdown. Members of the old message board cheered with glorious roars and smiles. The misery has ended...now, it was time to pack their bags.

AnimeSaint was not finished. Because of the glory he has brought upon AMX, he decided that AMX needed a website. He saw the AMX Forums was too little to be truely glorious...so, he brainstormed and studied the various talents of the members within the message board. AnimeSaint craved a website that dedicates its service to the fans of anime and manga. He pondered about a website where freedom rings clear and where the visitors are heard abruptly. He has seen the pitful cruelty of websites that restricts freedom. AnimeSaint...planned AniManga X's awakening.

With hard scavenging and surfing, he found a girl. She comes by the name of "Dragon". AnimeSaint talked to her, she talked to him, and she gave AnimeSaint a connection to another woman that could help out. She introduced AnimeSaint to the Webmistress of Chaotic Designs. AnimeSaint begged on his knees. The woman realized his ambition as well as his sense of humor. so she decided to allow AnimeSaint to become her first male employee. AnimeSaint's heart was filled with joy. He obtained a sponsor. His website would be free of charge and free of ads. BETA version was created in the awaiting of the FINAL. Then GAMMA came, because BETA failed to be efficient on Windows XP.

However, not all good things can last forever. AnimeSaint joined the Navy to protect our country and left the fate of AMX in the capable hands of L-chan and DarkDragon. In October of 2003, Chaotic Designs ran into some unfortunate bandwidth problems- with AMX's popularity as the root of the cause. Chaotic Designs had to be shut down temporarily, leaving AMX to find a new host. L-chan managed to find relieable hosting and moved the site from a sub-domain to a domain as soon as it was possible. In January of 2004, another domain was added to ease the bandwidth load on the servers.

The web evolves with time, just as languages and society do, and by July 2004 L-chan had discovered that AMX was running far behind the standards of the web. A new layout was created by Trance, and over tedious hours of validating and re-validating files, L-chan completed the new layout.

About Us - Purpose

Well, if you didn't take time to read the above, here's a brief explanation of what we are and why we are the way we are. We're a website dedicated to the needs of the fans. We review some anime and manga. We also gather up rough drafts of productions in anime and manga. Our graphics and designs are free. Not linkware, not shareware, not a dime to be spent (with the exception of Portfolios). We acknowledge the beauty of freedom under virtue. We believe our visitors should have fun and not be mindlessly restricted. That is why we, at AniManga X, dedicate our service to the fans.

About Us - Criteria

We do not accept Hentai-related materials, suggestions, and affiliations. However, we'd like to hear your suggestions about our site's information and features. Suggest any downloads, etc. You can submit your news or downloads and we'll post it on this site if we feel that it is useful. Your credit will be given to whatever you submit. But please, do not suggest nor submit any movie/episodes. We will, however, accept movie clips in the future to come. Read our Private Policy for further information.