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Friends of Affiliation

Otaku.JP - For all walks of Japanese fandom
Yorokonde! - Come here to happily experience and chat about anime/manga
DYD - Discover your destiny!

Japanese Pop Culture

Nippon Hoso Kyokai - Get the latest news in Japan--In English!
A portal into Japanese pop culture.

Japan and Music

Remix Overclocked - A website devoted to reviving the video and computer game music of yesteryear.
Song Japan - Download the latest songs from the Japanese modern music industry.
ACNet Radio - The FASTEST growing Online Anime Radio today!

Online Stores

YesAsia - Best online store for Asian medium. Find movies, music, and more!
Anime Nation - The greatest deals on Anime movies and merchandise is here!
Right Stuf - Cheap prices, great deals, and a huge library of Anime and Manga!

Anime Resources - All the wallpapers you could ever dream of...
Download Manga - Download manga! What more to say?
ACK!! - Where anime invades your computer, download desktop themes and MORE!

Otaku's Japanese Resources

About Radicals - All about radicals- and not the political kind, either...
Chiron's Surivival Japanese Course - A course designed for beginners who wish to learn basic Japanese.
E-kanji - Learn Kanji easily!
Japanese Room - Has sound pronounciations and is a great Japanese learning resource.
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