Divs and Spans

The <div> Tag

The <div> tag allows you to apply styles to your web page quickly. It is a nice generic tag with universal uses.
How to use it:
<div class="announcementdark">Divs and Spans</div>
Example div
The <div> tag is called a "block level tag", which means that a blank space will appear after you use it. It's best not to interrup paragraphs or headers with this, so surround them with it instead. Don't forget to close it!

The <span> Tag

The <span> tag is much like the div tag, with the exception that it is an "inline tag", which means that it won't create a space after you use it. You can easily use it within paragraphs and hearders.
How to use it:
<span class="announcement">Divs and Spans</span> Example Span See how it interrupts the line? Don't forget to close the tag!