Pen Tool Tutorial
The pen tool is truly one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop. If you like to draw, it can help you make your own line art on your images to give them a crisp, professional look. If you like to make abstract art with photoshop, you can use this tool to create some pretty interesting lines and shapes. This tutorial is designed to help you become a bit more familiar with the pen tool, but it won't make you a pro. After you've finished learning the basics you'll need to explore on your own how you like to use it and when. If you've got any problems with this tutorial, feel free to E-mail me.

Step one
Before you start, you should probably take a look at your tool bar and see where the pen tool is. You'll see the icon in the third grouping down with a little arrow in the bottom-right corner. All the arrow symbolizes is that you can click and hold on the tool and some more options will pop up. For this particular tool, you'll get the options 'pen tool', 'freeform pen tool', 'add anchor point tool', 'delete anchor point tool', and 'convert point tool'. Now that you've taken a look, open up a new document (Ctrl+N or File/New ), any size you prefer with a white background.

This tool is used pretty much like connect the dots. Each 'dot', or anchor point, will extend a new line from it to the next 'dot'. The red and blue arrows are showing you examples of these.

Now click back on the first anchor point you created; you should see a little icon next to your pointer come up as a circle. You've just closed your path.

Step two
Well, now you've got the basic shape...but you want to edit it and put curves in it, right? Simply hold down 'Ctrl' and click back on your path (with the pen tool still your active tool). To create a simple curve, hold down 'Alt' and click and drag on an anchor point. You'll see the curve form, like this:

Sometimes you want sharp corners, so you once again hold down 'Alt' click and drag the new 'curve lines' in the direction you want the line to go.

You can also move the anchor points around and edit your path quite easily- just hold down 'Ctrl' and click and drag on a black anchor point.

Step Three
When you feel like you've got it looking like you want to, you can hold down 'Ctrl' and click anywhere off your path. You can now choose to begin a new path somewhere else on the document, or you can choose to stroke the path. Stroking the path is very easy- with the pen tool selected, right-click anywhere on your canvas and select the option 'stroke path'. You'll see a drop-down list full of tools, so select one and press 'OK'. Photoshop will stroke the path according to the selected tool's current options, so make sure you check those quickly. Now that you're done, press 'delete' and those annoying pen lines will go away. Great job!