Production Team Staff

Code Name: Trance
Real Name: Tim N.
Birtdate: 19851027
Joined: February 2003
Position: Graphics Artist
Best Skills: Working with Graphics

Bio: There's not much to say, really. But I'm going to be honest about one thing - FACTS. And that's about all I'm going to talk about.

I haven't been born out of my free will. If I'd have a choice, I would not be here to write this stupid bio. But I'm going to do it anyway, because I'm still breathing and if something should be left in this world after my death to in remembrance to me, it's going to be this "letter" (ok, maybe not, but it sounds cool).

As ironic as it may seem, my understanding goes beyond that interpretation which you might get from observing the young 17-year-old body, whose brain sometimes gets a hold of my actions. True, i'll stop "thinking" without it. But it won't keep my soul, the legacy, of my shaped-by-horrors-of-life personality? That is still under a big argument.

Anyhow, at a present time I'm a high school student, that's going to leave it behind and move on to his next destination - college (what a dump). I never wanted to go into college. It's a waste of time to memorize all those equations and whatever. I think that the best education is going to give you life. But what does it matter - in the end you're not going to care anyway. You and me are going to be dead. End of our journey - a voyage of experience! Why not just enjoy it while we can? That's the goal i'm trying to set up for myself. But...ugh, what am I rambling for? (Stupid...) I was supposed to write about my life, not what I think of it.

I live with my family in a one-story house. We've moved from a multitude of damp apartments to a nice 4-room house with a 3-room basement (we had to remodel the whole building). For the first time in my 17 years I have a private (as far as it gets) room. I've been getting a scholarship in my school and I've won an old laptop (small monitor, etc.). So now I have a room and a computer. Could I be happier? - Yes. So after playing all the videogames for about 10 years, I've finally got another interest involving "my precious" computer - graphics.

After apprising people's skills working with images and creating stuff for their websites, etcetera, I started with Paint (heh, not for long though). I then found my 21-year-old brother's disk that had Paint Shop Pro on it (duh, too old too). It was much better and more professional than MS Paint, but I didn't stop there. I've found an Adobe Photoshop 5 program abandoned somewhere in my brother's storage. I was really happy, because I thought it was "the coolest". (How naÔve.) Once I've heard of a newer version of Photoshop (7.0), I immediately went after it. I've downloaded Kazaa and then had to wait 11 hours for Photoshop 7 to download. My connection is really slow, by the way (it's 23K). After that, it all kind of fell into place - I've started observing and learning that program. My every next work was getting better and better. With every banner made, I was learning something new. I didn't really have a style and I don't think I have one right now. Until, I know everything about Adobe Photoshop. I'll master it though and start on the next program, possibly a 3-D graphics creating one.

What I want to do in life as far as my profession, I haven't decided yet. Even though i'm very fond of graphics and all that kind of stuff, it could be a problem to get a job in that area. Of course there are colleges that offer you job opportunities after you've finished it, but they cost a lot of money. My parents might not be too happy and I'm so damn lazy for such decisions, it's amazing how I got this far in life. Yeah, i've had help.

So now you know a couple things about me: I'm unsure about living, I hate college education, i'm evolving my graphing skills, i'm unsure about my "surviving job", and my greatest weakness is that I'm lazy when it comes to decisions. And that is what I have to say about life. "Life is just...unjust".

Of course there's much more to say, but since there's a bio length limit, and I've already wrote about as much, i'm going to stop.

Code Name: Vash
Real Name: Andrew More
Birtdate: 19910701
Joined: January 2003
Position: Graphics Apprentice
Best Skills: Drawing...I guess

Bio: Living in a small house in Nowhere, NY. I thought my life would be boring when I joined GMX. They had no anime forums, thus my creation - AMX, the anime branch off of GMX. Aventually we broke off, and I started to get into graphics.

Now I work to improve AMX and to give all the anime and manga fans what they want.

Code Name: Red Akari
Real Name: Helen Akari
Birtdate: 19871206
Joined: November 2003
Position: Graphics Assitant
Best Skills: Creative writing, art, and poetry

Bio: I am your typical angst crazed teenager. I have been consumed by my music, and particularly like hiding away from mass crowds. I am an artist, and I am especially interested in manga and anime. I am working on my own manga as of now, and only hoping that it will not become a complete failure. Not to mention that various drawings are planted within my textbooks, mainly my Latin textbook. And note to all, regardless of what people say, class is the best place to draw. I am constantly drawing, and also enjoy oil painting. I am an avid writer, and have been swallowed by writings of Robert Frost, J.D. Salinger, Herman Hesse and Homer. I have been completely influenced by Fight Club, Cowboy Bebop, Beauty and the Beast (please donít laugh), and the Odyssey. My current position on this site is a Graphic Artist assistant, and one of my hobbies is, evidently, using PhotoShop to create banners, avatars, logos and more. I have been honored to be able to take part in this site, and hopefully can contribute to the siteís values.

Code Name: Cloudslayer
Real Name: Justin Moran
Birtdate: 19881026
Joined: June 2004
Position: Graphics Assistant
Best Skills: Drawing

Bio: Hello my name is Justin Moran and I live in Greenville, Virginia. I am 15 yrs old and my Birthday is October 26th, 1988. I love Anime its a very good past time, I like to draw the characters I see and its just very exciting for me. I go to a Public Highschool and I am a sophomore their this year of 2004-2005. I love to play Video Games and also draw the people I see in them. I have some friends that are actually very good friends and some who are just well you know what I mean. I play the Electric Guitar semi good ( Linken Park, Godsmack, etc) is who I can play the best. When I can i'm going to start working on Computers as a livin and in my off time i will just sit back and draw anime or play video games ^_^ ( yes my life is very simple lol). I love to go to the movies so I can review movies for anyone who asks. I use the latest Photoshop in making art stuff ( where my designs come in at)

Real Name: Toki Mugen
Birtdate: 19870524
Joined: November 2003
Position: 2D Artist
Best Skills: Writing

Bio: There's not much to say about me. I'm in my last year of high school, like listening to rock, drawing, writing.. all that stuff

Code Name: Zuan
Real Name: Sarah Bell
Birtdate: 19950406
Joined: July 2005
Position: Graphics designer
Best Skills: Designing

Bio: I am a former graphics designer of my own buisness. I'm currently studying in Junior High and am an Honor Student. People see me as helpful, friendly and sometimes hilarious or clumsy. I'm willing to help people who need it and am able to do so. I live in California, in a town you don't need to know. Sometimes I can be lazy but mostly I'm responsible. My passions are Naruto, Fullmetal ALchemist, Samurai Champloo, s_CRY-ed, Inuyasha, Paranoia Agent etc;