Development Team Staff

Code Name: AnimeSaint
Real Name: Darien Tenshi
Birtdate: Confidential
Joined: January 2003
Position: Former Developer & Supervisor
Best Skills: Business Management, etc.

Bio: I'm a swift successor. I like to study miscellaneous subjects independantly. My indefinable wisdom was given to me by the virtue of God. Although I am not of Christianity anymore, I continuously strive to defeat the evils around me and within me. However, I can only go so far. My greatest fear is "to be alone in the dark", theoretically and literally. With a sake unbound and a destiny to chase, my life is script by fate. I am a philanthropist and I have vowed my loyalty and service to the heavens. And not alone. With an esoteric lifestyle, I am hyped with an altruistic ambition to exist.

Code Name: Dark Dragon
Real Name: (Paul) Adetokunbo A. A. Adeshile
Birtdate: 19860221
Joined: March 2003
Position: Web Manager
Best Skills: Planning and Communications

Bio: Yet to be realized.

Code Name: L-chan
Real Name: Linzi
Birtdate: 19860808
Joined: March 2003
Position: Web Mistress
Best Skills: Art and DDR!

Bio: Holy cow, do these bio things change over the years. Yes, it's very sad that I can say "years" now, as I've been a part of AMX for nearly two. Over two years, I've changed from an over-exciteably Sophomore (well, by reading my old bio, that is...) to a still overly-excitable Senior. College is a year off for me, and I'll be attending UW-Madison...I'll probably major in Japanese or Psychology.
Anyways, I still like to draw, and I was voted "most artistic" out of my senior class...which is sorta sad. But ah well, I don't give a crap about my classes and still manage better grades than most. I'd rather be sitting in la-la land doing...well...I don't know what I'd do. Program until I get a headache, draw until my brain explodes, and piddle around doing other things until I get sick of that, and then start the cycle over again.
I've seen my share of bad experiences in the past two years, but it's nothing that I can't handle and nothing I can't get over. Past behind me, future in front of me, I guess I've got a pretty long way to travel.
Now I'm getting all...preachy...and stuff, and I think I'll go vegetate somewhere else and watch the rest of the elections. Or draw. Yeah, that's it...

Code Name: Urashima Setaru
Real Name: Rob R
Birtdate: 19870607
Joined: June 2003
Position: Web Advisor
Best Skills: Drawing, Graphics, Games, DDR, etc...

Bio: Hey, my name's Rob. I'm 16 years old and I live for anime, manga, and games. I dunno what I should really be talking about in this bio thingie... I am a very competative gamer. If you play DDR, Smash Bros, or any other 2d fighting games just IM me at UrashimaSetaru. ^_~